Roger Boutry

Roger Boutry (b. 1932) is a composer, pianist, and conductor.   Winner of the Grand Prix de Rome and other honors, Boutry’s hundreds of compositions are published, performed, and recorded worldwide.   

Boutry conducted the prestigious Orchestres de la Garde Républicaine for over twenty years, in addition to appearances with orchestras worldwide.   A celebrated pianist, Boutry was honored at the inaugural Tchaikovsky Competition alongside Van Cliburn, and has maintained an active performing career. In  addition to his artistic activities, Boutry served as a professor of harmony at the Conservatoire for over thirty-five years.

Boutry’s career reflects the end of the end of the Conservatoire tradition.  From 1795 until the student riots of the mid-1960s, the Conservatoire educational traditions remained largely unchanged.  Because he completed his education before the transition and taught within the revised curriculum afterwards, Boutry is one of the few remaining links to the previous era. 

His diverse activities and unique place in musical history and his exceptional compositional voice make Boutry an ideal subject for performance and research.   This virtually untouched resource deserves attention, and has strong potential to benefit musicians of all disciplines.