Mission of La Société

The mission of La Société pour la Promotion de la Musique de Roger Boutry, and its performing group The Boutry Ensemble, is the overall advancement of French composer Roger Boutry, the performance and recording of his works, and the cultivation of musicological, theoretical, and repertorial resources on his works in English and French.  

Activities of La Société

The Foundation seeks to promote the performance of Boutry’s works through the public face of the Ensemble Boutry, a growing group of professional American musicians.  The instrumentation of the complete ensemble will include a wind quintet, brass quintet, saxophone quartet, string quartet, harp, and two pianos.

As funding is available, musicians will to travel to Paris to learn Boutry’s works with him, to perform them, and to record them.  Upon returning to the United States, the musicians will collaborate with other Boutry Ensemble members, La Société, and educational institutions to increase visibility and understanding of Boutry’s works through performance, lecture, and masterclass settings. 

Given Boutry’s large number of compositions for wind ensemble, string orchestra, and choir, La Société looks forward to future collaborations other institutions to perform, record, and otherwise promote Boutry’s works for these media.  If you are interested in programming a work by Roger Boutry, please contract boutryensemble@gmail.com to learn about the pieces available for your instrumentation.